Tour Overview

Red line tour is separated from other ATV tours with a fabulous barbecue as an outdoor activity. After a long ATV riding, you will get hungry in deep valleys. So, with delicious barbecue you will enjoy while seeing wonderful landscape.

About Tour;

♦ First of all, the adventure starts anytime you like and takes 4 hours.
♦ At appointed time, our minivans will pick you up from your hotel.
♦ You will have all the necessary equipment you need. Also you will have safety information and driving guide.
♦ During the tour, we will stop in one of the best panoramas to take pictures in the sunset. You will stop by Rose and Red Valleys, Sword Valley, Çavuşin Village, Love Valley, Mushroom Valleys (Paşabağı), Honey Valley, and Barbeque point.
♦ In the barbeque menu, there is delicious sucuk (made from halal and salami meat) which is one of the food belongs to the region’s food culture.

Rules and Regulations;

♦ 0-14 years of children allowed for ATV tour if you have ATV experience.
♦ The tour might include maximum 6 ATVs in one tour.
♦ You can cancel your reservation 24 hours before the ride without any payment. If you want to cancel in the last 24 hours than the tour then you have to pay 50% of your payment.
♦ Most importantly, ATV is an off-road vehicle so the tour has no insurance.
♦ All the taxes are included

(sucuk barbekü fotoğrafı)